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Happy Hump Day Friends!

It’s a great day to see how many ways you can mix and match pieces in your wardrobe when you shop to create a collection. Not only do you maximize your cost per wear, but its also easier to get ready & put looks together. Below are 20 combinations I put together with the 12 Spring pieces I showed you from LULUS on Monday. You can shop all of these pieces from that blog post here. When you add different jewelry, a bag, shoes, even a belt…you can double the ways to wear these pieces together. If you order any of these pieces I would love to see how you style them! Post a photo on Instagram and tag me {@stylingbyerica} and I’ll feature you in my stories. Happy styling friends!



All individual images from LULUS




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Hi Friends!

I saw that my favorite cotton shift dress is back in a new color on LULUS so I decided to do a roundup of my favorite Spring pieces. These are all neutral so you can mix, match and accessorize for maximum wear. Now I just need ALL of these in my closet! Click the images to shop.  🙂



Florida Beige Sleeveless Mini Shift DressFirst Things First Rust Brown Paperbag Waist ShortsThe Triblend Heather Beige Racerback Tank TopAlways By Your Side Rust Brown Long Cardigan SweaterThe Bottom Line Beige Cargo JoggersDanyelle Rust Brown Ribbed Sleeveless BodysuitSailor Cream High Rise Wide-Leg Jeans<a href=”http://Juno Cream Wool Wide-Brimmed Boater Hat“>Juno Cream Wool Wide-Brimmed Boater HatOcean City Tan and White Striped JumpsuitLove of a Lifetime Olive Green Utility JacketBetter Things Camel Ribbed Sleeveless Midi DressA Toast To Cozy Cream Chenille Cable Knit Cardigan

All images from LULUS



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Happy hump day friends!

Last week I showed you just a handful of ways to wear a long, cozy cardigan sweater. This week I’m showing you a few ways to style a shorter, slightly oversized turtleneck sweater. It may not be oversized on everyone, but I bought a size medium to have more room. I like this style of sweater to be more loose.OUTFIT DETAILS

Aubrey Ivory Luxy Turtleneck Sweater {I’m wearing a medium}

Retro Vintage Tinted Lens Cat Eye Sunglasses {I’m wearing the glossy black}

Simone Knit Beret

Use my code, ERICA30 when you shop MOMOSHOP FASHION 



Photos By Bethany Sousa , with the exception of the last two images.Horizontal_logo



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Life is a balancing act, so getting dressed shouldn’t be something causing you additional stress. Am I right?!Here are a few steps to help you get started…

STEP 1. Start by making a list of what your wardrobe staples should be to fit your lifestyle. Note what key pieces you may be missing or want to update. *For some its easier to do this seasonally instead of the full wardrobe at once.

STEP 2. Think about what type of accessories you enjoy wearing most and ones you may need depending on what climate you live in. Then make a list of what you are missing or would like to update.

STEP 3: Figure out your budget. You may be able to do one shopping trip and get everything you need/would like, but you may need to break it down to one piece per week, every two weeks, one a month, etc. Figure out what works for your wallet.

STEP 4: Make your shopping list and prioritize in order of what you need the most.

STEP 5: Donate or sell anything you want/need to replace {one you’ve replaced it}, as well as anything that you don’t love, aren’t wearing, doesn’t fit or isn’t functional for your lifestyle. For most, less is more if you want getting dressed to be fun and stress free.

Now, you may have started reading this and STEP 1 was already overwhelming. If that’s you and you need or prefer the help of a Wardrobe Stylist, I would love to work with you! Some of you may need to do a full closet cleanse before starting these steps. I’m here to help! You can email me {Info@StylingByErica.com} and I will be thrilled to connect with you and come up with a plan of action.






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Okay friends, time to get down to business. See what I did there? 😉 Seriously though, women go through a lot to look and feel good. If we have tips that can help each other out and keep us healthier, safer, and happier, let’s share them!

Ever wondered what you’re supposed to wear to a Brazilian/Bikini wax appointment? I’ve got you covered. Well, with answers that is. Read more below…When you’re waxing it’s important to keep everything as breathable as possible. I talked to my esthetician and she mentioned that so many people show up in athletic legging pants and that’s not what you want to be wearing. Yes, some of them may be breathable, but they are tight. You want to be wearing something that won’t be clinging to your skin after the wax. You also want to avoid sweating for the rest of the day after a wax appt.

That said, this is easier in the Summer months when you can sport a flowy maxi dress or breezy shorts…but what about the colder months? Here’s my go to: a semi-fitted cotton dress with a warm sweater layered over the top. I personally need to be able to shed the warm layer during the appt because I’m a wuss and sweat from nerves. I’m wearing slides in the above photo because it wasn’t freezing today, just cold. But you could easily wear booties or sneakers instead. Another thing I do to avoid irritation, skip the underwear. {It’s just one appointment people, calm down.} You could opt for a looser fitting jogger pant in a cotton blend fabric.

Most importantly, find a place that uses hard wax. It should be low temperature and no strips. This is safer and makes for quicker and less painful waxing. You should not be going anywhere that uses strips or wax that is going to adhere to the skin as well as the hair. Yikes!

Important Tips:

1. An hour or so before your appt you can take Ibuprofen {it helps}. If you are waxing your eyebrows, upper lip or anything noticeable you can take a couple tums as well. It sounds funny but this is a trick I learned a long time ago for when I was waxing brows & upper lip {I get so red you guys!} and it helps to reduce redness {don’t ask me to explain how, my esthetician told me to do it}.

2. When you get home, mix a little tea tree oil with coconut oil and apply it over the waxed area. Do this 1-2 times daily for a couple days. Applying coconut oil a few times a week is something you want to do always.

3. Make sure you are exfoliating this area a few times a week to prevent ingrown hairs. Don’t do this too often or it will dry out the skin.

4. Make sure you are going every 4 weeks and not shaving in between. Learn from others mistakes on this one, that’s all I’m saying. Do try to avoid going while you are pmsing though. It will be more painful, plus that’s not fun for anyone.

5. Enjoy the results and feel amazing!!! Say goodbye to being self conscious in a swimsuit or just uncomfortable in general. Your significant other won’t complain either. 🙂If you are in the Nashville area, you’ve got to check out SMOOTH SKIN COMPANY! Cassee is the absolute best. If its your first time, she will make you feel comfortable and relaxed. She is amazing at what she does and makes the process as painless as waxing can get.

SMOOTH SKIN COMPANY is hosting an event in two weeks and I can’t wait to go and give you all a closer look at the pretty space and what they do. Nashville babes, watch for more details on my Insta if you want to join me!I hope this is helpful! Let me know if you try any of these tips or go for the first time. Stay smooth friends!





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Hellloooooo Friends!

It has been way too long. If I’m being totally honest, life with two little kids is just straight up exhausting. Don’t get me wrong, it’s amazing and I’m crazy in love with my little humans, but it takes it out of me most days. I crave my own creative time, but at the end of a 12-14 hour day as a stay at home mom, I just kinda want to watch an episode of something mindless and call it a night. It’s a terrible habit, but the struggle has been real. Can anyone else relate?

All that aside, I’m really excited to have teamed up with an online shop that has great finds at an affordable price point. I’m even more excited to share my favorite finds with you and show you multiple ways to wear each piece. As a wardrobe stylist, I always tell my clients that versatility is key and you have to be able to think of at least three ways to style every piece you purchase. With simple wardrobe staples, the possibilities are endless if you play with accessories.

Fall is in full effect, sweater weather {yesss}, and one of my favorite new sweaters is this ultra soft, super cozy cardigan {with pockets} from MOMOSHOP FASHION! Bonus: it comes in three colors and is under $70. Did I mention you save 30% when you shop and use my code ERICA30? The Momoshop Fashion team is so generous!

Here’s just a few ways to style this cozy sweater. If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably seen most of these images, but stay tuned because I’ll be wearing this with everything and showing you lots more outfit ideas!OUTFIT DETAILS

Mocha Brown Meredith Cardigan {I’m wearing a S/M}

Black Eyelash Lace Animal Camisole Top {I’m wearing a Medium}

White Cold Shoulder Knit Top {I’m wearing a Medium, but it has a lot of stretch}

Retro Vintage Tinted Cat Eye Sunglasses {I’m wearing the Glossy Black}

Black Skinny Jeans {size down, they have a lot of stretch}

Black Beret {comes in other colors}

Gold Chain Link Necklace

Belt Bag, no longer available but similar style here

Scarf, this print no longer available, but very similar here {from the same shop as mine}

*Black pants thrifted from Goodwill and vintage blue jeans from Old Made Good

Use my code, ERICA30 when you shop MOMOSHOP FASHION 



Photos By Bethany Sousa , with the exception of the last image.Horizontal_logo



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If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen my content about the belt bag {I personally love them} and I promised to link some styles similar to mine since it’s no longer available. I found a few fab options, and two styles are under $60! I love croc print, so chic and timeless.

Tap the images below to shop! X




We LOVE Cheekwood! All year, in every season…its a magical place. With the weather warming up and everything starting to bloom, it was the perfect way to welcome the first day of Spring.

The smells were indescribable. I wish I could have bottled them! Daffodils, Hyacinth, Tulips, Cherry Blossom trees and more. There were the most vivid colors of flowers and it was absolutely beautiful.

Let’s not forget the TRAINS exhibit. This is always the kids favorite and we spend a lot of time running in and out of the tunnel and over the little bridge chasing the trains. They squeal with excitement every time it comes around a bend.

I’m sharing a lot of photos from this adventure because they are just too happy not to. So heres to spreading Spring cheer! X

All photos taken by @stylingbyerica



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So I had been seeing Lulus everywhere on Instagram, and decided it was time to place an order and check it out for myself. Well, now I’m totally obsessed and can’t stop ordering! Five things I love about Lulus:

1. Items you place in your cart stay there if you create and account and log in when you are shopping. I get so annoyed when my cart gets emptied because I had to put my phone down for a hot minute. Thank you for this feature, Lulus! You can also create wish lists and name them which is super fun.

2. The clothing is great quality for the prices and it actually fits true to size! I have ordered the same size in everything {dresses, jumpsuits, swimwear} and it all fits perfectly. The reviews and customer photos are helpful as well.

3. Shipping doesn’t take long and everything comes wrapped up nicely.

4. Easy returns if need be. {I’ve only returned two items.} The process is simple, quick, and they keep you updated during the process.

5. The prices are great!!!

Everything that I’ve purchased so far has been for my upcoming trip to Mexico in nine days. {That’s the excuse anyway, wink-wink.} I can’t wait to actually wear everything! Stay tuned for outfit pics and follow me on Instagram, @stylingbyerica.

Curious about what I’ve purchased?  🙂 Below are the Lulus images and links to all of the pieces I’ve ordered so far that are coming with me to Mexico.

Tap the photo for the link! X

All images from lulus.com.



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Fall at CHEEKWOOD, what’s not to love?! Today was the last day of the pumpkin house and I’m so glad we didn’t miss it! It’s finally cool outside, and the sun is still shining bright. It was the perfect day for an outdoor family adventure.

There was live music coming from the beer garden and game area when we walked in to @Cheekwood, and straight ahead was the famous pumpkin house and pumpkin patch. There were all sorts of unique scarecrows lining the sidewalks by the trains. Cheekwood never disappoints and is always at the top of our list every season.

We are looking forward to their Holiday Lights, our favorite thing to do in Nashville around Christmas time. See you there, Friends! X