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It’s routine each morning for Mama to open my curtains before picking me up out of my crib. I always like looking out the window when starting my day, but this morning was something magical. There were big white fluffy puffs falling from the sky, creating a thick powder blanket on the ground and all the trees. {Gasp!} It’s a Winter wonderland.

Mama bundled me up which I wasn’t thrilled about at first, but I was thankful when we got outside and a chilly gust of wind with snow flurries blew my way.

 I went out twice! The first time Mama held me and the second time I got to sit on the blanket of snow. I’m not totally sure what’s happening and still discovering what this is all about, but it sure is beautiful.


Quilted Jumpsuit | Baby Gap {Found at Kid to Kid Consignment, cute style here}

Knit Hat | H&M {Cream still available in select stores, purple version here}

Heart Print Mittens | H&M {No longer available online, adorable hat in same print}

Fuzzy Booties | Baby Gap {No longer available online, cute style here and here}

Blush Puffer Vest | H&M {No longer available online, cute style here and here}

Blush Knit Cardigan | H&M {On sale now! Matching booties & pants}