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Babies are expensive. Period. This is why, more than ever, I’m thankful for IKEA. They have some awesome items at great prices that will make your life easier and leave more room in your wallet for other things {like adorable baby clothes}.

Note: Even if you don’t have littles, a few of these items {see below} are perfect for anyone who just wants to get more organized and doesn’t have a lot of storage space.


1. RASKOG UTILITY CART: My favorite item!!! This 3-tiered rolling cart is only $29.99 and comes in three colors. I use it in the nursery to hold the wipe warmer, diaper changing essentials and anything else I need handy. The other reason this cart is my favorite…it can be used in ANY room. Just a few examples: I have used it in the laundry room to hold all of my cleaning supplies, the kitchen to hold anything and everything, and currently my small master bath to hold towels, toilet paper, makeup, etc. The possibilities for this cart are endless.

2. VARIERA BOX: $6.99 each. These little white boxes, like the rolling cart, can be used anywhere and everywhere. I keep one on the top of my rolling cart to hold diaper cream, lotion and other necessities. It keeps things organized and is easy to wipe down if anything leaks or spills. {I also use these in bathroom drawers, to hold napkins and other items in the kitchen and for makeup storage.}


Empty baby food jars make great holders for Q-tips and other baby stuff. I also use them to store safety pins, bobby pins and other small items. They fit anywhere and help keep you organized. {Goo Gone takes off the labels}. 

3. BABY GYM: This gem is only $24.99, stores easily and can be put in the washer/dryer. The arches attach to the bottom of the mat with Velcro so they easily remove. This comes in handy if you want to tuck the gym away, take it on a road trip, and when your baby gets older and just needs the play mat part {see below}. Bonus: It’s a gender neutral color palette and isn’t awful to look at.

4. LEKA PLAY BOOK: Only $6.99. This little book is one of Emma’s favorites! She loves all of her books, but she’s teething so it’s frustrating when she can’t stuff them in her mouth. This book is soft fabric so she can chew on it and she loves the textures.

5. ANTILOP HIGHCHAIR: $19.99. Yes, you read that correctly. The highchair and tray is $19.99. I had every intention of buying the Boon highchair, because it looks great and I love it, but when it came time to purchase one the price tag disagreed with me. I am totally happy with this IKEA highchair and Emma loves it. Simple, clean style and the only assembly is popping the legs in to place. Whoop!

I’m pretty sure the way Em is sitting is against high chair rules, but it’s how this chick rolls.

6. KOPPANG DRESSER: A brand new dresser for $100?! Yes, please. I debated even getting a dresser to hold a changing pad for Emma’s room {not a necessity}. They are expensive, especially if you search for baby changer specific styles. Even Craigslist was a bust and I wasn’t up for a Pinterest DIY project. Also, I needed a slim design to fit the space. So when I saw this minimal 3-drawer dresser for $99.99 I decided it was a must. You could even change out the pulls to give it a more unique look.

7. RANARP FLOOR LAMP: $54.99. IKEA has a good selection of affordable lighting. This is the one we liked best for Em’s room. There is just enough detail and it provides the perfect amount of light when we are winding down at night.

Happy IKEA shopping!