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Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a fabulous Mother’s Day!

Last week I introduced you to  Madeline’s Box {@madelines.box} and featured their Leather Braided Tassel Bracelet {hopefully some lucky mamas received one as a gift!}. Today I’m showing you their best product, the Braided Pacifier Clip. I first purchased a Madeline’s Box pacifier clip as part of a set with a wood teether toy from Little Sapling Toys. I had no idea how much I was going to love this item, and now I don’t go anywhere without it!

The most common use for the braided clip is to hold your babes pacifier. Even if your babe doesn’t take a pacifier, you still need a braided clip! There are so many other uses for the clip besides holding a paci! You’ll see in these photos that I actually have two with me. I love my Ergobaby carrier, it’s the best, but there aren’t any pockets or places to hold extra items. This is tricky when you want to go for a walk or a hike and don’t want to carry anything else. Here I clipped on a hat for Em and let it hang from the side of the carrier. I also sometimes loop on my keys, a teether, and other goodies. One clip holds more than you would think!

In these photos I’m highlighting the new Softy Braided Clip in “Softy Sunshine“. This style is a bit bigger and has some stretch. Emma loves to chew on it too! I’ve threaded it through a paci to show the most common way this can be used. Madeline’s Box also offers Natursutten pacifiers that work great with the braided clip as they are easy to thread {check them out here}. I just used the pacifiers I had already which are similar {find them here}. You want to make sure that if you offer your child a pacifier you are using one that is safe. The Natursutten pacifiers are all natural. I would actually purchase this one next time around as it is better than silicone. If you breastfeed, the shape of the pacifier you offer your babe is also important so you don’t cause nipple confusion. The shape of these pacifiers are designed to fit your babes mouth and provide the feeling of comfort they get while breastfeeding.

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Photos By Bethany Sousa