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Okay friends, time to get down to business. See what I did there? 😉 Seriously though, women go through a lot to look and feel good. If we have tips that can help each other out and keep us healthier, safer, and happier, let’s share them!

Ever wondered what you’re supposed to wear to a Brazilian/Bikini wax appointment? I’ve got you covered. Well, with answers that is. Read more below…When you’re waxing it’s important to keep everything as breathable as possible. I talked to my esthetician and she mentioned that so many people show up in athletic legging pants and that’s not what you want to be wearing. Yes, some of them may be breathable, but they are tight. You want to be wearing something that won’t be clinging to your skin after the wax. You also want to avoid sweating for the rest of the day after a wax appt.

That said, this is easier in the Summer months when you can sport a flowy maxi dress or breezy shorts…but what about the colder months? Here’s my go to: a semi-fitted cotton dress with a warm sweater layered over the top. I personally need to be able to shed the warm layer during the appt because I’m a wuss and sweat from nerves. I’m wearing slides in the above photo because it wasn’t freezing today, just cold. But you could easily wear booties or sneakers instead. Another thing I do to avoid irritation, skip the underwear. {It’s just one appointment people, calm down.} You could opt for a looser fitting jogger pant in a cotton blend fabric.

Most importantly, find a place that uses hard wax. It should be low temperature and no strips. This is safer and makes for quicker and less painful waxing. You should not be going anywhere that uses strips or wax that is going to adhere to the skin as well as the hair. Yikes!

Important Tips:

1. An hour or so before your appt you can take Ibuprofen {it helps}. If you are waxing your eyebrows, upper lip or anything noticeable you can take a couple tums as well. It sounds funny but this is a trick I learned a long time ago for when I was waxing brows & upper lip {I get so red you guys!} and it helps to reduce redness {don’t ask me to explain how, my esthetician told me to do it}.

2. When you get home, mix a little tea tree oil with coconut oil and apply it over the waxed area. Do this 1-2 times daily for a couple days. Applying coconut oil a few times a week is something you want to do always.

3. Make sure you are exfoliating this area a few times a week to prevent ingrown hairs. Don’t do this too often or it will dry out the skin.

4. Make sure you are going every 4 weeks and not shaving in between. Learn from others mistakes on this one, that’s all I’m saying. Do try to avoid going while you are pmsing though. It will be more painful, plus that’s not fun for anyone.

5. Enjoy the results and feel amazing!!! Say goodbye to being self conscious in a swimsuit or just uncomfortable in general. Your significant other won’t complain either. 🙂If you are in the Nashville area, you’ve got to check out SMOOTH SKIN COMPANY! Cassee is the absolute best. If its your first time, she will make you feel comfortable and relaxed. She is amazing at what she does and makes the process as painless as waxing can get.

SMOOTH SKIN COMPANY is hosting an event in two weeks and I can’t wait to go and give you all a closer look at the pretty space and what they do. Nashville babes, watch for more details on my Insta if you want to join me!I hope this is helpful! Let me know if you try any of these tips or go for the first time. Stay smooth friends!