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Life is a balancing act, so getting dressed shouldn’t be something causing you additional stress. Am I right?!Here are a few steps to help you get started…

STEP 1. Start by making a list of what your wardrobe staples should be to fit your lifestyle. Note what key pieces you may be missing or want to update. *For some its easier to do this seasonally instead of the full wardrobe at once.

STEP 2. Think about what type of accessories you enjoy wearing most and ones you may need depending on what climate you live in. Then make a list of what you are missing or would like to update.

STEP 3: Figure out your budget. You may be able to do one shopping trip and get everything you need/would like, but you may need to break it down to one piece per week, every two weeks, one a month, etc. Figure out what works for your wallet.

STEP 4: Make your shopping list and prioritize in order of what you need the most.

STEP 5: Donate or sell anything you want/need to replace {one you’ve replaced it}, as well as anything that you don’t love, aren’t wearing, doesn’t fit or isn’t functional for your lifestyle. For most, less is more if you want getting dressed to be fun and stress free.

Now, you may have started reading this and STEP 1 was already overwhelming. If that’s you and you need or prefer the help of a Wardrobe Stylist, I would love to work with you! Some of you may need to do a full closet cleanse before starting these steps. I’m here to help! You can email me {Info@StylingByErica.com} and I will be thrilled to connect with you and come up with a plan of action.