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Happy Hump Day!

I’m sharing some photos of my bedroom with you today. Rental homes are hard because you don’t want to invest too much time or money in to the space if you don’t plan to be there for long. Some rental property owners won’t allow you to paint or change much as well, so what you can do really depends on the owners approval and your situation. 

When we sold our home and moved from Nashville, TN to Scottsdale, AZ in January we decided to rent for a bit to make sure we knew what area we wanted to be in long term. Luckily, all of the furniture from our previous home works okay in this space. Most of what I had purchased was minimal and neutral so it works with this desert home. I’ve kept things really simple and I’m not buying anything new since I don’t know that we’ll stay more than a year. Hoping to find our own home next year, but we will see what happens!

I’ve used my bedroom rug in the living room, the dresser in Emma’s room, the throw & palm pillows in the living room, etc. I like keeping a consistent vibe/color scheme throughout the house so I can move things around. If I had a money tree, I would buy literally everything from CB2. It’s my favorite home store! I will always be an IKEA lover though and will never stop shopping there. They are always my go-to for real plants/pots as well. I’ve linked everything in my photos at the bottom of this post for you! 



CB2 Alchemy Bronze Bed 

CB2 Orville Dot Rug

Anthropologie Relaxed Cotton-Linen Duvet Cover

Anthropologie Sophie Faux Fur Throw Blanket

West Elm Lush Velvet Pillow Cover

IKEA Malm 6-Drawer Dresser

IKEA Ranarp Floor/Reading Lamp

IKEA Skogsta Stool

IKEA Boysenbar Plant Pot {Plant from IKEA too!}

Similar Banana Leaf Cushion Cover HERE, HERE, HERE

Soft, Plush Slippers