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Hi Friends!

If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably seen in my stories or feed that I am highlighting black owned businesses/brands and working on more collaborations and partnerships with black owned brands {especially female owned}. This is one way that I can show my support and put action behind my words. I’ve been making purchases from different shops that I follow and sharing in my stories {more to come in my feed} and encouraging followers to try the products as well.

As most of you know, I am an Amazon Influencer. Me and my husband have been shopping on Amazon for years so it made sense. I mainly share fashion and beauty finds on Instagram, but my idea lists on my Amazon Page go far beyond that. I have lists you can shop for Men, Kids, Kitchen, Grocery, Home and more. That said, I am on a mission to find black owned brands that sell their products on Amazon. I’ve already started adding products to my lists {by category} and I will continue to search and add. I have also created a new idea list titled ‘Black Owned Brands’ where I will add one product from each black owned brand I find to make it easy for you to search {in addition to adding them to the specific category lists}. Shop it here.

Below are 20 black owned brands you can shop on Amazon now! 🙂



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Do you know of any not shown above? Please let me know! You can comment here or email me: Info@StylingByErica.com.

Side note: If you are new to shopping Amazon Fashion…when you see an image on one of my Idea Lists, don’t assume that’s the only style/color/print of the item. When you click on the image there are usually multiple colors/prints/versions of the style that you can shop.